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ITS: It's all about partnerships.

Three generations of Thornhills have ushered this company from its humble beginnings in 1936 to its successful future. 

We've grown to become one of the most trusted DOD manufacturers in Virginia with more than 30 years of protecting those that serve: navy seals, army tents, chemical bio defense, ballistic protection.

We're also proud that we are a woman owned small business, that supports solutions to VA Governor’s Task Force and White House FEMA Task Force.

Products Made in the USA

ITS Protective Isolation Gowns
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ITS Isolation Gowns | Dupont 1222A Fabric
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ITS Tunic + Hood | Dupont Tychem 4000 SL
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ITS Body Armor
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ITS Military Shelter Systems
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ITS FTP Face Masks
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Our Services & Products

+ Shelter Systems
+  Tactical Gear Bags
+ Back Packs
+ Body Armor
+ Uniforms
+ Decon Products
+ Contract Cutting & Sewing
+ Fabric Welding
+ Converting
+ Product Inspect & Repair
+ New Product Development
+ Medical Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
+ Face Masks
+ Gowns
+ Hoods
+ Coveralls
+ Warehousing & Distribution

ITS: It's all about teamwork.

Our employees have earned us our reputation for excellent quality. Many have been here for decades because they love what they do, which includes personal protection equipment, custom sewing, Gerber automatic cutting, fabric welding, inspection/rework, and warehousing/distribution services.

ITS: It's all about customers.

We’re proud of our customers. They have the highest possible standards, and not only do they inspire us to meet and exceed expectations on everything we do, we make every effort to make sure the process is time and cost-efficient, as well. Plus, just like many of the materials we provide, we are flexible. We have a track record of bending and stretching to adapt to our clients’ needs, for product and for scale. We protect & serve the front line and the bottom line.

ITS: It's all about national heroes.

We are proud to have a history of providing uniforms and equipment for the US Military, Frontline Healthcare Workers and Essential Workers. 

Service for Customers, Protection for Heroes

Now with two locations in Salem and South Boston, Virginia, less than 2 miles from the I-81 and 45 minutes to 85/I-40 corridors respectively, our company’s focus is on going above and beyond to meet the needs or our customers by providing quality products in a timely manner and innovating dynamically to change with market demands.  Since we opened our doors in 1936, we have been honored to serve those who serve, and protect those who protect. Whether it’s safe, high-quality PPE for the State of Virginia, the most innovative shelter systems available for the Department of Defense and first responders, or a variety of other impeccably crafted products and specialized services; our people deliver only the best to your people. Learn more about what ITS can do for your organization.