+ A new fabric, Tyvek® style 1222A, that has similar barrier properties to the core DuPontTM Tyvek® 400 garment offerings with adjusted fabric drape and hand to optimize material usage. Dupont 1222A Fabric | Tyvex Together

+ Double tie closure with 360 degree protection

+ Velcro closures

+ A fabric integrity (basic protection, fluid protection)

+ Velcro adjustable hood for fit, draw cord around face opening

+ Disposable                                                                                        

+ Made in the Virginia, USA

Size: One Size Fits All

ITS Isolation Gowns | Dupont 1222A Fabric

Made from Dupont 1222A material, this fabric is tested to AAMI Level 2.  This next level gown is Made in the USA and specialized for higher protection for use in hospitals, medical offices, factories, laboratories, and other public or private areas; these gowns effectively isolate harmful substances to Level II. They are breathable, dust-proof for isolation. Reliable protection ensures full body coverage, providing a barrier for transmission of microorganisms and other harmful substances.

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