ITS Tunic + Hood | Dupont Tychem 4000 SL

Gown/Tunic and Hood are Made in the USA out of Dupont Tychem 4000 SL material, for a superior barrier of protection from hazardous liquids, toxic chemicals, and minute particles. This is the ultimate in personal protection for those who are on the front line in the most challenging roles. Superior construction from durable, rugged fabric ensures this re-processable and reusable garment can go the extra mile over multiple uses.

+ Dupont Tychem 4000 SL material | +Dupont Tychem SL tested to AAMI Level IV  [Garment seams not tested to AAMI Level IV]        

+ High collar protections with adjustable neck and wrist, webbing and velcro closure

+ Full wrap around back protection with webbing/velcro closures

+ Rugged and durable fabric integrity (blood borne, viral pathogen tested)

+ Re-processable and reusable

+ Adjustable face opening hood with draw cord, Velcro strap for size adjustment

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