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Armor Plates and Panels

When it comes to weight, performance and cost there is no comparison. Together with our partners, we manufacture plates designed to withstand ballistic and shrapnel threats of all types based on level of protection. Plates can be used in a variety specialized including soft armor carriers and hard plate carriers.

ITS Body Armor & Specialized Carriers

ITS is all about innovation when it comes to making ballistic panels and tactical carriers for our partners, executives and law enforcement. ITS Body Armor products are all Made in the USA and sourced from American made fabric of the highest quality and technical specifications.

  • Soft armor & plates
  • Soft armor panels
  • Concealable carriers
  • Tactical carriers
  • Tactical nylon accessories
  • External Vest Carriers
  • Specialized Carrier & Vest Accessories
  • Civilian Armor
  • Gear Pouches
  • Specialized Holsters
  • Concealable Carriers
  • Duffle Bags
  • Back Packs