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Who is ITS?

ITS is a women-owned, cut and sew US based manufacturer, that values: serving people, teamwork and partnerships. As a Virginia textile cut and sew facility, ITS is focused on a wide range of cut and sew product categories including body armor, contract sewing, tactical gear, military shelter systems and custom sewing.

What does ITS do?

Cut and sew operation specializing in tactical sewing for tactical gear, technical nylon gear bag custom manufacturing with quick turn garment cut and sew deliverables. Complete with fabric inspection, converting, bundling and welding – ITS is ready to serve you and your customer!

Why ITS?

Southeast textile cut and sewing facility skilled at executing technical sewing specifications servicing high volume and low cut and sew minimum orders and short cut and sew lead times – ITS can meet all your garment making USA needs!

What makes ITS unique?

ITS is a Berry compliant manufacturer, specialized sewing manufacturer, versed in industrial fabrics cut and sewing. ITS is proud to be a cut and sew operation manufacturing Made in America products.