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ITS is proficient in producing products with a wide variety of materials. ITS has established relationships with many textile vendors and collaborates with companies regarding material needs.

Industrial Fabrication

ITS operates three Gerber Technology multi-ply cutters and a Gerber Z7 leading to precise cutting and complex designs. ITS capabilities include products made of materials of any type and thickness including foams and technical fabrics such as Kevlar, vinyl, woven and non-woven materials.

Technical Specifications

Customers expect high quality production and ITS delivers. Skilled at producing military grade sewing, ITS provides everything from complex apparel to military grade activated carbon fabric technology wipe kits with ease.

Design Capabilities

Collaboration, pattern-making and design are just a few of the ITS team’s development strengths. Highlighting converting capabilities specifically, ITS has die cutting, rapid prototyping, precision roll-to-roll slitting, bologna slicing, and roll goods up to 74” wide.

Product Features

Creating and manufacturing products fulfilling both contract cut and sew and customized product orders. ITS pays attention to detail ensuring consistently high-quality cut and sew garments and accessories.


This Virginia based manufacturer has state of the art equipment and cutting room as well as tooling to support many production needs: digitizing, marker making, cutting, bundling, labeling, packaging, slitting, straight, bias, fabric inspections.

Military Grade Sewing

ITS is unique as a tactical sewing company, providing contract sewing and customer sewing to service the protection needs for Special Forces, the Navy and the Department of Defense. Skilled in contract work, ITS manufactures highly technical products that require military grade sewing.


ITS uses the industrial welding machines to create a strong bond without leaks or cracks. This provides better seam resistance to abrasion and leads to a more durable, long-lasting seam that has greater water-resistance, lower maintenance costs and a streamlined finish.