As the pandemic unfolded and shelter in place orders came to the US in March 2020, Integrated Textile Solutions (ITS), realized that their protective equipment was desperately needed by so many people on the front-line. As a defense contractor that produces industrial, military and specialty products and apparel; the 84-year-old company, immediately ramped up efforts to produce upwards of 50,000 surgical-style masks per week, plus thousands of isolation gowns.

The Thornhill Family loves nothing more than mixing business and philanthropy and began searching for companies and front-line workers that they could donate masks to, since supplies were scarce for many months. It filled Sunday’s with something meaningful and a way to actively give back to the community since there were no church services to attend.

So Sunday Mask Donations began and have continued, as the pandemic unfolds. ITS frequently delivers donations on Sunday mornings to local organizations that can immediately use them.

Healthcare Systems

Universities and Education Systems

First Responders and Associations